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Irrigation Repair

Our service technicians are highly trained and experienced. We offer the quality and efficient service on your lawn sprinkler system that you should expect from a professional company. Our vehicles are fully equipped with the latest technology for valve location and ground fault location. Each vehicle carries a wide variety of repair parts to virtually eliminate the need for a return trip. We gladly work on all brands of irrigation products.

Commercial Irrigation

Commercial projects encompass a variety of projects from Villa Communities, Commercial Centers, Franchise Buildings, Federal Projects, School Campuses, Rain Water Harvesting, and more. Computer controlled and 2-wire systems have become a specialty of ours for many applications and allow the site control that was once not an option. Additionally, Rain Water Harvesting and ET Based irrigation systems are a major component of several newly designed commercial irrigation systems.

Athletic Fields

Our Professional Irrigation Services division has installed many athletic fields in applications that include areas like baseball stadiums, football stadiums, soccer, softball, and multi-purpose fields. We have also designed and installed irrigation systems for Golf Areas and Large Estate athletic style applications.






Residential Irrigation

  • No more over or under watering.

  • Water each area of your lawn the perfect amount. By having your system divided into zones you can water the sunny areas more as needed and the shady or low areas less.

  • Watering at the optimum time of day.

  • Your watering schedule continues even if you’re out of town. The timer for your system is backed up by battery, so if the power goes out the timer will keep your settings until power is restored.

  • By regularly watering and fertilizing, you will see noticeable results in your lawn and landscaping.

  • No dry spots. we design our systems with head-to-head coverage to ensure that every part of your lawn is being watered.

  • Ask us about installing a rain sensor with your system or per-existing system. Rain sensors automatically measure rainfall and turn your irrigation system off if a certain amount of rain has fallen. This saves you money and the headache of turning your system on and off based on the weather.

  • By controlling these aspects of water usage, you will enjoy the long-term savings on water as well as maintaining your property’s beautiful lawn and landscape.